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Simi Valley Stone Veneer

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Topnotch Simi Valley Stone Veneer

Manufactured stones became a hit immediately they hit the market. They were used in finishing featured walls and cladding wall facades. This was mostly a result of their wide range, versatility, and low cost. But on the other hand, natural stones veneers have also remained popular for many. Dial (805) 864-5407 today to get free estimates.

Understanding Natural vs. Manufactured Stone Veneers

Natural stone veneers are mined from quarries before being sliced into small pieces. The main con if this type of veneer is that comes with blemishes, tonal and textural variations that have resulted over a long period. Manufactured stone veneers are made in factories and have been designed to look like natural stones. The key ingredient of the product is concrete and other aggregate materials pressed to create molds. Differentiating between manufactured stone veneers with natural stones can be difficult.


With technological advancement, it means that manufactured stone veneers have a more beautiful look. It also comes in a wide range of styles, colors, and patterns.  However, when you look closely, you will realize that cultured stone veneer isn’t as authentic as natural stone. Since natural stones are quarried, you will never find two identical pieces. The stone has rich color variations and the texture is very attractive.


There are no major differences between the costs of the two building options. While man-made veneers are lighter, the cost of transporting the two options is the same. Depending on the cladding option, the cost of installing man-made stones is less due to the repetitive installation method. It is also easier to install and probably a good option for doing the installation without a professional masonry contractor Simi Valley.

Natural stones

Natural stones have a maintenance cost that is generally lower as compared to the manufactured stone veneers as it is easy to pressure clean. The majorities of man-made stones aren’t able to withstand the high pressure and are therefore labor-intensive.


The product’s durability is a key consideration when choosing between natural stones and man-made stones. While the two products do well, there are certain differences in the performances of the two. Since the claddings of the natural stones are less porous as compared to manufactured stones, the latter can last longer especially when exposed to weather elements such as dirt, wind, rain or sunlight.

A key difference between the durability of manufactured stones and natural stone veers is their ability to withstand sunshine. Since manufactured stones are often tinted using paint, the colors would fade and discolor especially when used outdoors. Where you are considering the color of your cladding material, your first choice should be natural stone veneers.


The two cladding options are very versatile. It doesn't matter if you will use the stone to leave a feature wall or even a complete façade. A key benefit of using the Simi Valley stone veneer is that it can be installed in different substrates and doesn’t require to be structural such as wood or masonry frame. It is also lighter as compared to the two options.

However, manufactured stones come with the limitation of the cladding location where it can be installed. This is because when exposed to certain elements like harsh-chemical, the veneers will end up deteriorating over time.  Manufactured stone veneers aren’t a good option when they are used to construct pool decks as they can be weakened by chlorine.


Your choice of natural stone or man-made stone veneers will depend on your personal choice. At Simi Valley Concrete and Masonry, we are your number one choice when it comes to Simi Valley stone veneers. You can reach on (805) 864-5407 to discuss your project.