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Stamped Concrete Contractor in Simi Valley

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Leading Stamped Concrete in Simi Valley

If you are searching for a way to upgrade the exterior of your home, one of the options that you should consider is stamped concrete Simi Valley. Dial (805) 864-5407 to get free estimates. Here are steps on how stamped concrete is poured, decorated and formed.

A Simple Start

It doesn’t matter if you need a nicely stamped concrete patio or the traditional and boring gray one; the approach is the same. Your concrete contractor Simi Valley will begin by putting the forms before putting rebars and other forms of reinforcement. The Simi Valley masonry contractor will then do the concrete pouring. They will use a wide range of tools such as trowel blades and floating blades to smooth the surface.

Concrete Coloring

Many homeowners often think that the finished concrete's color is mixed before the concrete coloring.  If this is done, the concrete will have a uniform color. This isn't what you need. Instead, you are aiming for a variation in the concrete surface to give it a natural look. Therefore, you should add a dusty chemical on the top of the concrete when wet.

We avoid applying it evenly as this will cause a uniform appearance which will not look natural. The chemical is tossed on top of the concrete where it chemically bonds and stains the concrete while it is still wet. To achieve your desired appearance, we can add color. This will create a natural pattern that looks great.

Using Concrete Stamps

One of the key parts when creating stamped concrete designs is the stamp. This is done when the concrete is still wet. A grid of mat will be laid on the concrete by the Simi Valley masonry contractor. Even though the top will be smooth, the underside will appear dappled so that the stamp's depth will have variances. This will create the appearance of stones that are often seen in stamped concrete. However, it will still not look good until you get to the final step


You will be surprised to see that your stamped concrete Simi Valley doesn’t look as good as you hoped immediately the stamping is done. However, you don’t have to worry. After the concrete has dried, you should wash it off. This is when you will notice the beauty of your stamped concrete Simi Valley.

These are steps to install stamped concrete Simi Valley. However, depending on the project, the process may be different. At Simi Valley Concrete And Masonry, we will help handle all your concrete services. You can call us on (805) 864-5407 for a free quote.