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Stained Concrete Patio in Simi Valley, CA

this is a picture of the stained concrete patio in simi valley

Most Sought After Stained Concrete Patio Simi Valley

A concrete stain refers to a water-based substance that is used to coat concrete and become a key part of the surface. With time, this stain may fade and wear out. However, you can protect it using a sealer. There is a difference between acid stains and concrete stains.  Acid stains tend to react with the concrete’s minerals resulting in a change of color. While DIYers have access to acid stains, the choice of colors is limited. To help you understand stained concrete patios, here are FAQs. You may also contact us via (805) 864-5407  to get free quotes.

Why Choose Stained Concrete?

Stained concrete is a flooring option that appeals to homeowners who would like to achieve a unique and decorative effect at an affordable rate. At a small price, you can get a wide range of colors and special effects in the interior and exterior of your home.

Is the concrete staining a DIY project?

Applying stains will require the right tools and techniques if you will achieve good results. This is why you need to hire the services of a Simi Valley concrete contractor. Bear in mind that the color will be permanent once you stain and cannot be redone. Therefore, you will need to engage a qualified and experienced concrete staining contractor especially if you plan to include different colors.

Bear in mind that you also need to consider your safety. Acid-based chemicals stains have corrosive elements that can cause skin and eye irritation, producing a stronger odor. Therefore, they are best left to professionals.

Can I stain any kind of concrete?

Whether your concrete is old or new, a concrete contractor Simi Valley can stain it. Concrete stains can also be used on everything from kitchen countertops, pool decks, driveways, and much more. However, you will need to consider the condition of the surface. Is the concrete covered with grime, coatings, glues, sealers, or curing membranes that can prevent stains from soaking? If yes, the stain will not be able to penetrate.

What are the color options for my stained concrete patio?

Your choice of color will vary depending on whether you use a water-based or acid stain. When it comes to acid stains, you will have unlimited color options. The majority of manufacturers produce eight hues. However, you can always mix two colors to achieve different shades. You can also apply two coats to produce deeper effects.

What should I consider when choosing the right stain?

Your choice of color will mostly be guided by your color preference. You may want to complement or match an already existing color scheme. Since stain color is permanent, it may be a good idea to choose neutral tones like greens, grays, browns, etc.

What is the maintenance regimen of a stained concrete patio?

While concrete stains are permanent and don't flake like it is the case with paint, it penetrates the top layer only and will finally wear away if the surface withstands a lot of traffic or is exposed to the weather. To enhance the life of the outside stain, use a clear sealer.  The interior surfaced should be protected with good floor wax. To ensure that your stained concrete patio looks good, you will need to clean it periodically dry dust mopping or wet mopping using a neutral-Ph cleaner.

Like we have already seen, you need to engage the services of a concrete contractor Simi Valley when it comes to stained concrete patio. The good news is that you don’t have to look any further as Simi Valley Concrete and Masonry is there at your service. You can call us on (805) 864-5407  for all your concrete services.