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flowers on top of retaining walls

Retaining walls serve the purpose of holding the weight and maintaining the position of a specific area of earth and soil. It is a key tool in being able to shape the terrain, so as to be able to make better use of it. If you are looking to take control of your land and build it in a way that you want, you should ensure that you are making use of the very best quality retaining walls. At Simi Valley Concrete and Masonry, we will be able to provide you with a number of options that can be built to your needs and preferences.

Concrete Retaining Walls
Concrete is an ideal material to build a Simi Valley retaining wall from and it allows for us to install a number of options with ease. With such choices as anchored and gravity retaining walls, concrete is an easily adapted material that comes at a reasonable price. Our design team will also be able to help you make the best use of the material by applying some of the aesthetic choices available to us, including coloring, stamping, and the use of custom-made slabs. As your expert concrete contractors, you can count on us to effectively use concrete for your retaining walls.

Cinder Block Retaining Wall
Combining easy installation and cost-effectiveness, a cinder block wall is a great option for a retaining wall that needs to be built on a budget, whilst still achieving a quality look. To be able to get the most out of an everyday construction product, you want to be certain that you are using your best local specialists. In the Simi Valley area, we are exactly that. We will be able to best make use of blocks to create a wall that most suits your home. You can be sure that it’ll maintain the terrain around it and last for many a year in doing so.

Masonry Retaining Wall
If you have an aesthetic in mind, you may be thinking that brickwork is the right choice for you. A masonry retaining wall will be able to balance both the functionality of supporting a heavy patch of land, whilst also being able to be designed into unique patterns and looks. In the hands of our talented designers, brickwork and other masonry materials will be cleverly implemented to achieve a retaining wall that makes an impact on the space that it is being used in. Trust us to handle the construction of your masonry retaining wall, so you can be sure that it’ll be the very best that it can be.

Aesthetic Retaining Wall
Since retaining walls are commonly used in gardens and other aesthetic features, it is important that they work in conjunction with the rest of the space. We are the very best team in the area to make this a reality, championing the creative potential of retaining walls. Depending on the preferences that you have, we will be able to combine superior materials, such as granite or slate, with various coloring and pattern choices. This means that we will be able to build an attractive space, worth much more than its simple function.