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Simi Valley Pool Decks

top view of a pool deck

If you are someone who owns a pool on their property, you are no doubt getting the very most out of the heat of the summer months. It is a space in which you can spend many an hour and is a central point for your family’s shared enjoyment. Given that you will be investing plenty of your time into it, you will surely want the space to be the very best that it can be. One way which you can achieve this is through a quality pool deck. If you are looking for a high-quality deck, made of the best materials and designed to your preference, Simi Valley Concrete and Masonry are the teams that you are looking for.

Wooden Pool Deck

If you are looking to achieve a classic aesthetic for your pool deck, a wooden one may be the best choice for you. Our design team will be able to create a space that best fits in with both your home and the pool itself. Whether you have a built-in pool or an above-ground one, we will be able to build a quality deck around it. You can trust us to build it with quality and safety in mind, meaning you can get the most out of your Simi Valley pool deck space.

Concrete Pool Deck

A concrete pool patio could also be a wise choice to make and it would allow for a number of additional customizability options, in the way of aesthetics and functionality. Our design team will be able to create a space that fits your preferences on color, pattern, and texture, making choices based on how to best suit your home. At the same time, we will be able to add a sealant to the concrete, making it resistant to the water that will inevitably be splashed from the pool. If this is your option of choice, make sure you employ our services, so you can be certain of the quality that you will be receiving.

Masonry Pool Deck

If you are looking for a superior aesthetic for your pool deck design, one made with masonry materials may be to your taste. We are able to offer a number of options for this, including standard brickwork, stone, and slate. Each of these will allow us to create patterns and details, unique to the properties of these materials. Our talented team will blueprint and implement a space that best suits your home and yard, being sensitive to the overall aesthetic that you want to achieve.

Custom Design 

Regardless of which style you want for your pool deck, it is important that it is designed to be functional, attractive, and long-lasting. When you employ us to handle the task, you can guarantee all of these things. We build custom pool decks, completely based around the needs and requests that you have. You can trust us to not only make a usable deck but instead, to imagine the pool area that you have always dreamt of.