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Simi Valley Outdoor Fireplace

this is an image of outdoor fireplace in Simi Valley

An outdoor fireplace not only makes your yard more useful but also creates an extra recreation and entertainment spot for you. Building one also improves your property's curb appeal and value, especially if it is done right and by the right contractors. Around here, such a contractor in Simi Valley Concrete and Masonry, one of the leading and most sought-after experts in everything concrete and masonry.

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About Simi Valley Concrete and Masonry

When it comes to installing or creating concrete or masonry projects that can withstand the test of time, it should all boil down to hiring the right crew. You will need a crew with the right equipment and tools and advanced skills and techniques to get your project's deliverables and needs to be met as per your expectations. That team is none other than us at Simi Valley Concrete and Masonry.

We are a specialized crew that knows what it takes to build a sturdy and durable driveway. We also have the requisite skills to build a patio on your commercial and residential properties and help you get the right return on investment. If you also need retaining walls, pool decks, outdoor kitchens, countertops, walkways, block walls, or brick masonry experts, we are the company to approach.

Reliable Outdoor Fireplace Contractor in Simi Valley, CA

We are one of the preferred and most dependable contractors and installers of outdoor kitchens in Simi Valley. We have worked in the field for years now and can assure you that we have all it takes to deliver your project's deliverables to your expectations. Talk to us today about all your brick, concrete, or stone fireplace ideas, and our experts will help you implement it.

How We Do It

Our outdoor kitchen creation follows a systemic and proven process. These are ideas that we have implemented for years now and have found them to suffice for our clients. This is how our professionals do it, even though the steps and materials used are dependent on each project and a client's preferences.

Excavating and Pouring Footings

Once we have cleared the area where the Fireplace will be put, we excavate it for the footing. Even though this is never fun, it is important as it gives us a solid footing and foundation as the fireplace may be heavier. We also pour enough concrete for a sturdier base and line with the local building codes.

Building a Base and the Firebox

Once the concrete footing is cured, which might take up to 24 hours (or more), we build a level base. The base is where we then construct the firebox. The firebox can be any size, depending on what the client wants.

Building the Throat

Once the firebox is completed, and the mortar has already settled in, we now set a block around it. The throat is then built (this is where the firebox tapers in), and bricks are overhang to step out at each course. This is one of the most crucial steps and equally determines the success of the project.

Building the Flue

Here, we start to lay the liners, one by one, until they get to the desired height. 


At this point, the client has chosen the stones and style of stonework to use. In this case, the thicker the stone veneer is, the easier it will be to accommodate a variety of stone sizes and shapes. Once the mortar use dries off completely, we rake it from the joints and then give it a brush to smoothen.

These steps may vary from one project to the other. They are only a skeleton that a professional would use. However, there are specifics that only experts like us will know how and when to work on them. Entrust your project to us now and make your outdoor space wonder with a stone, brick, or concrete outdoor kitchen.

To book a free estimate, call 805-864-5407 now. You may also fill out the form on this page with your project details and wait for our team to revert.