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Simi Valley Foundation

this image shows concrete foundation on simi valley

Excellent Foundation Contractors in Simi Valley

The most important part of any structure is the foundation. This will ensure that you have a building that has structural integrity and is protected from the freeze and thaw cycle. Concrete services use three major types of foundation. To ensure the structural integrity of a building, you will need to choose the right concrete foundation types. Get in touch with us, just dial (805) 864-5407 for free quotes.

Here are the 3 major types of concrete foundation.

Floating Slab Foundation

This type of foundation consists of a continuous concrete grade below a building. The concrete foundation also contains a reinforcement running across the foundation bottom. At times, the reinforcement will spread below the steel columns running down the foundation.

Footing & Grade Beam Foundation

The main difference between this and the floating slab foundation is the fact that it doesn’t contain any concrete below the building. Instead, square and rectangular footings are combined with grade beams that run in between them. Most of the weight of the building is supported by the beams.

Drilled Pier Foundation

Unlike footing and grade beam foundation that uses footings, this type of concrete foundation has vertical piers that are placed in strategic places. Several holes are drilled into the ground. The ground needs to have good load-bearing soil for this type of concrete foundation to be strong.

Which type of concrete foundation is right for your structure? If you are unsure, you can count on Simi Valley Concrete and Masonry contractor to guide you through the process of choosing the right one. We work with people who are creating foundations or those who are seeking Simi Valley foundation repairs. We also handle all types of masonry and concrete services. You can call us on (805) 864-5407 to discuss your project.