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The Best Concrete Contractors in Fillmore, CA

Masonry is a trade that is commonly used in the construction of buildings and walls. Some of the common materials used by Fillmore concrete contractors are stones, brick, and concrete. When in its perfect condition, a home that is built of brick and masonry can look very great. This means that Fillmore concrete contractors can enhance the look of your home. Feel free to reach us, dial (805) 864-5407 for free estimates.

While projects done by Fillmore concrete contractors can last long, they are not indestructible. This can happen as a result of poor workmanship, especially in DIY projects.

Common Masonry Mistakes to Avoid

Here are some of the common masonry mistakes that could lead to poor workmanship.

  • Wrong choice of mortar

The mortar used in masonry repair should be used according to the exterior of the brick and the style of the property. One of the worst mistakes that masonry contractors Simi Valley makes is to combine mortar that has a modern look with rustic brickwork. This usually has very bad looking results.

  • Wrong flashing installation

Any reputable Fillmore concrete contractor should know the role of flashing and therefore take extra care to ensure that this has been installed well. The concept is very simple. The strips should be placed at particular points in the brickworks. Any water that drips through weep holes will fall on these strips and be directed away from the wall. A common challenge is creating weep holes is making too few or too small holes.

  • Not investigating an issue

At times, what you see with your naked eyes is just but a symptom of a bigger underlying problem. If the Simi Valley masonry contractor doesn’t investigate the issue further and instead try to repair what they see, this can result in the problem recurring again and again.

  • Not cleaning the spot

When you notice a crack in the masonry that needs repointing, you need to clean the area before doing anything else. When you leave dust and debris inside the crack, it can prevent the mortar applied from bonding well and this may fall away soon.

Hire Simi Valley Concrete and Masonry

At Simi Valley Concrete and Masonry, we can help you to diagnose the masonry problem. We are the leading Fillmore concrete contractor. Call us on (805) 864-5407 to see how we can repair your masonry problem.