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Simi Valley Bricklayer

this picture shows a bricklayer for simi valley concrete masonry

Excellent Bricklayer

There are different types of bricks used by bricklayers in various types of construction projects like bridges, buildings, fireplaces, pavements, and road construction. The type of brick to use is determined by its purpose, the expected weight, eco conditions and much more. Here are some of the common types of bricks. Call (805) 864-5407 today to get free estimates.

Burnt Clay Bricks

This is one of the most popular types of bricks. These are usually created using molds with the formation done by pressing the mixture inside molds. The bricks are then burnt inside a kiln. They are molded to a size that can be laid in place using one hand. The bricks are then fused using mortar. To enhance their look, plaster is applied to these bricks to ensure further rendering. The bricks can withstand a lot of heat and are therefore commonly used in building projects that involve thermal, chemical and mechanical stress.

Engineering Bricks

The engineering bricks are strong and thick. Their water absorption rate is usually low. They are usually made under high levels of temperatures. Due to its higher strength and denseness, the engineering bricks are commonly used in civil constructions that require easy load-bearing, damp-proof capabilities, and chemical resistance.

Concrete Bricks

These types of bricks are commonly used to make facades, and fences where the goal is to enhance the aesthetic quality. Solid aggregate concrete is used to make the bricks and these can be made using different colors pigmented when molding them. Also referred to as termed bricks, concrete bricks are made using steel molds through the process of compaction and vibration. A static machine is used to form the bricks.

Fly Ash Bricks

These types of bricks are made with cement, lime, ash, and clay. They are usually burnt to 1000 C° and are a great choice for construction sites that have a lot of dampness, moisture, and water. This is because the brick can expand when exposed to negative environmental conditions. There are many pros to these kinds of bricks. These are lighter than the conventional bricks and they don’t require a lot of plastering. They also tend to last longer.

Sand Lime Bricks

This is closely related to the Fly ash brick as it is also made of lime, sand and fly ash. Chemical wet mixing is used to create the bricks. To create sand lime bricks, the mixture that is induced with chemicals is molded under pressure. These bricks are beneficial in certain kinds of construction projects. The sand-lime bricks have a gray color and are usually more beautiful than the normal bricks with a red color. The brick has a smooth finish and does not require any further plastering. The bricks are also a great choice for construction projects that requires load-bearing.

A Simi Valley bricklayer can help you to determine the right kind of bricks for your construction project. One of the trusted names in all kinds of masonry construction projects is Simi Valley Concrete and Masonry. Whether you need a retaining wall, fireplace or patio, we can help. Call us today on (805) 864-5407 for an obligation-free quote.