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Brick Masonry Simi Valley

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Top Brick Masonry Contractors in Simi Valley, California

Brick masonry Simi Valley involves the use of stones or bricks bonded using mortar. Brick bonds refer to the pattern at which the bricks have been laid. These don't only apply to a wall but also concrete blocks, patio paving, and patios. Bonds help in enhancing the durability and strength of a structure. It also enhances uniformity to the composition and structure, therefore making it more beautiful.

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Types of Brick Bonds

Brick bonds are of different types. Each of these comes with its unique appearance, installation challenges, and structural considerations. Here the most popular types of brick bonds.

Stretcher or Running Bond

This brick bond is very popular and is commonly referred to as a running bond. It isn’t hard to install. Stretcher bond is a good choice where walls with a half-brick thickness need to be made. Some of the walls that are commonly made using this bond include:

  • Wall Partitioning
  • Division Wall
  • Sleeper Wall
  • Chimney Stacks

These bonds aren’t a good choice for structural walls that stands alone. However, they are a good choice in the construction of walls that have less thickness. The bond will not work if the wall’s thickness will be more than the length of the brick.

Header Bond

This is a brick’s shortest face. In this form of brick masonry, the bricks are made in a header course. The bricklayer carries out the overlap in correspondence to the brick's half-width. This bond is suitable for making a brick thick wall.

Stack Bond

In this type of bond, the bricks are laid plainly on the top of one another. They are then held with mortar to perfectly align with the bonds. Due to its minimal strength and weakness, it is suitable for decorative purposes. It is unsuitable for walls as it is non-structural.

English Bond

This is a variation of brick bonds that is also commonly used by Simi Valley Concrete and Masonry contractors. It consists of alternating stretchers and header courses. The stretchers are laid below the headers and the alternate row is aligned vertically. A quoin closer is used at the wall’s start and end after each header to break the vertical joint’s continuousness. A quoin close is a brick that is cut into two halves and is commonly used in corners.

Flemish Bond

This is a type of bond where each course consists of alternate stretchers and headers. The headers are laid at the center of the stretcher above and each alternating course starts with a header at the corners. To break the vertical joints in a course that follows, quoin closers are used in the alternate course. It can be challenging to erect walls that have Flemish bonds and require a bigger set of skills.

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