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Agoura Hills Masonry Contractor

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The majority of homeowners have a good understanding of what an Agoura Hills masonry contractor does. However, many don’t understand masonry construction and how things like patios, fireplaces, and driveways are constructed. This is understandable as masonry is a specialized field that requires a lot of training and experience. This building method has also been used for many years. The work of a good masonry contractor Simi Valley can withstand harsh weather elements.

Components of Masonry

Whether your home has walls with a stone veneer or brick chimney, you need to have a basic understanding. Masonry construction involves everything that is built by fusing individual pieces of stone, brick, marble or concrete blocks. Mortar is a material that binds and is usually made of a wide range of materials mixed with sand. Cement, lime and soil are some of the materials that are commonly used in masonry mortar.

Masonry Applications

Agoura Hills masonry contractors use masonry in two things-Veneer masonry and solid masonry. Solid masonry is a type of masonry that is made to stand alone and can withstand the weight and other elements. On the other hand, masonry is used to construct whole houses while stone framing is a form of masonry. Concrete brocks foundations and chimneys are also made by a mason. The materials used in masonry construction such as stone, brick, and concrete should be rated to ensure that they can withstand the load and the Simi Valley weather.

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Stone veneers are used on the exterior part of a wall to change its looks. They can’t stand alone. For instance, a fireplace can have veneer masonry elements while normal bricks can be used in the chimney finishing. Masonry veneers shouldn’t be used for carrying the load. The one concern when it comes to interior masonry is the final appearance as it doesn’t have to withstand weather elements.

Stone, Brick, and Concrete

The most commonly used materials in masonry are stone, bricks, and concrete. Brick masonry is a good choice for creating classic and fashionable structures that can insulate your home.  A serpentine pattern can be used in bricklaying, leaving each row staggered. This style is usually very strong.

Concrete block masonry is commonly used to build an older home's foundation. Not only are they strong but concrete blocks can also be laid in the serpentine patterns. Since they are bigger as compared to brick, they can also be laid very fast. On top of this, concrete blocks are used in forming walls of different kinds of commercial buildings.

Dressed or even undressed stone can be used in stone masonry. Dressed stones are shaped in a way that makes them uniform. They also become easier to lay. Dressed stones are commonly used in stone veneers as they offer homes a clean and modern appearance.

Undressed stones that are also called fieldstones require a lot of skills to be laid well. They are hardly uniform and laying them in a fireplace or wall is referred to as rubble masonry. It is a good choice for providing your home with a rustic look and is commonly seen in the oldest masonry structure.

You now have an idea of the different kinds of masonry construction. If you need professionals to discuss your project with, you can call Simi Valley Concrete and Masonry on (805) 864-5407.