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The value of your home goes far beyond the price that you paid for it. The sentimental center of you and your family’s lives, you invest so much more than just your money into it. That is why it is important that you make the most of it and create a property which you can be proud to be in. Making small improvements to the features of your home can go a long way to lifting the space overall and that can be even further emphasized through skillful detail. Applying the services of a talented concrete or masonry team would be a great way to achieve this, boosting both the cosmetic and functional aspects of your house.

About Us
Simi Valley Concrete and Masonry are a company which are both of these things, made of experienced concrete contractors, masonry contractors and designers. We help our clients to reimagine areas of their home with the quality improvements that they have always wanted to make. Our team are dedicated to delivering on the requests and desires of each individual client, applying our broad skillset to their unique needs. You can trust in us to make good on your quality expectations and offer you the most competitive prices around.


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Our Services

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Serving the Simi Valley, CA area, we have worked on a range of different jobs for our customers. We’re a multitalented team, who are more than capable of handling the many aspects of the concrete and masonry industries. If you are needing assistance with home construction, driveway installation, outdoor kitchen design or just about any other specifics that you can think of, we will no doubt be the team for you. Our guarantee is to apply ourselves to the necessities that you have, working with efficiency, accuracy and care.

Concrete Contractor
Masonry Contractor

Concrete Contractor
When you need work doing in concrete installation or concrete repairs, we can be of service to you. We are your best concrete contractors in Simi Valley and will be able to help you with your various needs in the field. In the way of construction, we are able to assist you with concrete pouring, coloring and with decorative applications. This has seen us build many things, from concrete countertops all the way up to managing residential foundation repair. Also, if you need concrete repairs work, that concerns resurfacing, crack filling or replacement, you can bet that we will be able to be of service to you.

Masonry Contractor
Able to be effectively applied to a number of different construction projects, masonry is a way to balance a quality aesthetic with proven strength and longevity. Masonry materials come in many different forms; with brick, granite and slate being just some examples that we work with. No matter whether you are needing a masonry contractor for a fireplace, walling or pathway, we will be able to supply design, construction and maintenance work.

Your driveway is what leads you to your home, each and every day as you drive back from work. It is the space that welcomes you and so you should make sure it feels that way by ensuring it is quality. At Simi Valley Concrete and Masonry, we have built driveways that are strong and durable, whilst also being an effectively aesthetic improvement for their respective properties. We install concrete driveways and masonry driveways, as well as supplying maintenance and repairs work, regardless of whether or not we were the ones who installed the original area.

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Pool Decks
Retaining Walls

Much in the same way that driveways welcome you into the front of your home, a quality made patio will invite you into your backyard. We design custom patios for our customers, as well as building superior additions such as outdoor kitchens and fire pits. Applying every aspect of our skills, we have designed decorative concrete and concrete slab patios, as well as remarkable masonry patios, using the detail and patterning options that come with our range of materials.

Pool Decks
Having a pool in your backyard just makes sense, living in Simi Valley. We know that you invest a lot of your summer time into them and so we think it is only right that you make the space the best and most useable that you can. Simi Valley Concrete and Masonry will be able to help you achieve this, through our pool deck service. We can offer a range of options for the material and style of your pool, blueprinting an area that fits in with your needs and desires, both functionally and aesthetically.

Retaining Walls
If you are someone who is interested in reshaping and redesigning their garden, you might be interested in making use of retaining walls. We build strong retaining walls from a range of different materials, able to maintain the weight of any residential patch of land. Choose from our various aesthetic choices and trust us to build the wall that you need for your landscaping purposes.

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Contact Us Today

At Simi Valley Concrete and Masonry, we are always open to receiving new customers and finding ways that we can best applying our ability to your needs. If you think that any one of our services would be of benefit to you then we would like to invite you to get in contact with us today. Our number is provided on our website, where one of our customer service team will be eagerly awaiting your inquiry.

“I used Simi Valley Concrete and Masonry for their retaining wall service. I knew about their quality masonry work and custom designs. I needed three levels of slate retaining walls and needed them to be just as functional as they were good looking and that is exactly what I got. Highly recommend these guys for their elite quality.” – Ernie J

“My home looked dull from the outside and I wanted to redesign it to be more inviting. After reading their reviews, I called Simi Valley Concrete and Masonry. Their design team were amazing and created a quality space from decorative concrete slabs. Very happy with the work and will definitely be coming back for my patio in the future!” – Letty K

“I needed some home building renovation work doing, as I was adding a new room to my house. Simi Valley Concrete and Masonry handled the lot, taking care of the pouring the concrete floor, the bricklaying and even the extension of the pathway. Could not be happier, these are the real professionals. Many thanks.” – Drew C